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Artwork on the Rise

Your artwork will be installed where? That was my question to painter Arlene Mead when she came to The Scientific Photographer for a unique project. She had been commissioned to install one of her paintings in an elevator shaft in a private residence. Technically challenging projects are a…

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sunset being photographed

Solar Eclipse Photography

It’s exciting to photograph Solar eclipses, and there is the big advantage of not requiring one to stay up all night as is the case with most astro-imaging work. If you are interested in photographing the Sun, please check out the links provided in this…

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I Never Thought I Would Do This!

If you had told me that I would ever, in a million years, hold giant cockroaches in my hands, I would have shouted, “NEVER!” Well, as James Bond said, “never say never.” Actually, I had great fun at the “Critter Demo” at Brooks Institute. We…

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