Who We Are / What We Do

scott miles photographing columbian art

Scott Miles is the owner and primary media producer serving museums, private collectors, artists, researchers and others by providing photography of art and historical artifacts, architectural and historical sites, and video production of stories of artists and history.  

Specialized in-studio, on-site and on-demand services include:

  • Digital image capture and image processing of collection objects for museums and private collectors
  • Scientific photography techniques (multispectral imaging, high-speed video capture, photomicrography, macro-photography, stop-action photography advanced lighting methods; and others) for scientific research support
  • Studio product/still-life photography; conceptual communications in media (advertising, fine art, communicating ideas)
  • Interpretive videos for art, technology and history topics
  • Managing digital media assets
  • Exhibition and architectural photography

For more details, check out our services tabs (above) or give me a call to discuss your needs.