Photo credit: Gina Papadakis

When we were kids, my Mom took us to museums and historic sites all over the place. I loved it then, and it created a life-long love of art, history, science and learning. I loved the stories the museums told, and I’m thrilled that I can help tell those stories today.

The artifacts of culture have fascinating stories that are too often hidden away. I bring them to light by photographing collection objects for museums and private collectors so that they can be shared with a wide audience.

I have photographed art collections that were hidden away in storage vaults, helped researchers tell the stories of their projects and findings through specialized imaging methods and interpreted stories of artists and history through video productions.

It was a great thrill to be part of the photography faculty of Brooks Institute for over 14 years. My students and colleagues showed me that science inspires the creation of art. I have explored the intersection of science, technology and visual art for many years now, and I’m excited about future explorations.

I’m also diving into the next significant phase of my life with my video installation art projects. Learn more about my art at wscottmiles.com.

I founded The Scientific Photographer to provide photography and video services to visually document collection objects; to help museum professionals manage and protect image archives; to help artists advance their careers; and to continue to teach through images.

I’m still learning. I’m still teaching. I’m still telling stories. I’m still exploring and discovering. And I’m still like that kid running around in a museum, having a great time.

I would love to bring that enthusiasm to your next project – call 805-689-8748 or email me to discuss visual documentation suited to your specific needs.







Ralph_Clevenger_250x253Based in Santa Barbara, California, Ralph Clevenger pursues his passion for the natural world by specializing in location photography and video projects of eco-travel, environmental portraiture, wildlife and undersea subjects. He is the author of the book “Photographing Nature”, published by Peachpit Press New Riders.

You can see more of Ralph’s photography at ralphclevenger.com