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Ojai Valley Museum

The Johnny Appleseed of Digital Asset Management

I aspire to be the Johnny Appleseed of Digital Asset Management. Johnny Appleseed is the legendary character who traveled America in the early 19th Century, planting apple trees wherever he went. I want to spread the word about Digital Asset Management as part of my drive to visually preserve cultural heritage, just as Johnny planted trees to provide food for a growing population. Digital Asset Management (DAM) refers to establishing systems that organize image files…

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Who We Are / What We Do

Scott Miles is the owner and primary media producer serving museums, private collectors, artists, researchers and others by providing photography of art and historical artifacts, architectural and historical sites, and video production of stories of artists and history.   Specialized in-studio, on-site and on-demand services include: Digital image capture and image processing of collection objects for museums and private collectors Scientific photography techniques (multispectral imaging, high-speed video capture, photomicrography, macro-photography, stop-action photography advanced lighting methods;…

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Introducing W. Scott Miles the Artist

You know me as The Scientific Photographer, working to document and preserve both private and museums’ art collections. My passion stems from a love of the intersection between science and art, which, to date, has been presented to the world through photographing others’ art work. But there’s more than meets the eye, and I’d like to invite you to meet me, W. Scott Miles, as an individual artist. My personal expression has been developing alongside…

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The Scientific Photographer (c) 2018

Visit Your Local Museums!

We all love museums, but sometimes we forget how great local museums can be. We may make plans to visit the large, well-known museums in big cities. These make for a wonderful outing, or even a great activity while vacationing in another country. But our local museums are so convenient – we can pop over during a lunch break and discover new artists or learn about local history. Local museums are deeply involved in the local community. Museums of…

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Len Poteshman Mixed Media

Six Reasons to Document Your Art Collection

You’ve spent a lot of time and energy building your personal art collection. It represents you, your style, your values, and so much more. You’re proud of your collection and have taken important steps to ensure its longevity. So have you documented it all? Documenting your art collection does more than create a sense of security and help your heirs and future generations; it also provides critical provenance information in an archive form, and establishes a record…

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