Artworks Management

Set photos showing capture of image tiles for Arlene Mead painting for 30-foot print for elevator installation.

How to Exhibit Artwork Online

The world has changed for just about everyone. In the past, artists would exhibit their work in galleries and museums, providing a visual treat for all those people who would jam together in one space to experience the work. However, that may not be possible for the foreseeable future. To continue exhibiting artworks, we are all much more dependent on quality photography of the objects so that the work can be enjoyed in virtual exhibitions….

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transporting artworks box

Safely transporting your artwork

It’s easy and oh so important to protect your artwork while transporting it. As I roll out the “curbside service” practices for studio photography at The Scientific Photographer, it seems important to stress the best practices for transporting art, antique and other valuable objects. For flat art objects, consider getting an adjustable box, often referred to as a “TV” or “mirror” moving box. These flat boxes are two-piece boxes that slide together (telescope) to accommodate…

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