Learn how to photograph 3D art objects Oct. 21 & 22

Quality photos of your sculpture, basketry, ceramics wood carvings and other 3D artworks will open doors to the kind of juried shows, galleries and direct sales that you want. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to build the set and lighting, achieve proper exposure and color, and go home with photos of 2-4 of your 3D artworks.

Photograph 3D Art Objects

One Course, Two Days:

Saturday, October 21, 2017 10am-4pm

Sunday, October 22, 2017 10am-4pm

Limit 12 Students | $275

Quality photographs that showcase the art and fine craft items that you produce are critical to marketing your career as an artist. Hiring a professional photographer is not always feasible, but the quality of your images always influences your acceptance into art shows, galleries, publications and direct sales. This workshop provides techniques that you can apply using accessible equipment and resulting in quality images to represent your creative endeavors in the best light.

Bring in your own art and go home with great images!

This two-day workshop presents:

  • The essential information that you need to produce accurate photographs of your work, including equipment considerations and camera settings
  • Step-by-step setup of a small set with camera and lighting to yield quality results
  • Hands-on photography of art objects (bring your own to shoot during the workshop!)

Special practice session:

  • A hands-on practice session (day 2) with instructor feedback
  • Review of proper organization of your image files and safe backup and archiving methods

This workshop has been specifically designed for photographers and artists and can be customized to meet your organization or group needs. Interested in this workshop? Contact Scott for more information.

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Open Lab

We will hold periodic Open Labs at our studio. These opportunities are only available to individuals who have already taken a workshop. Open Labs are restricted to one type of photography setup for each lab session. These cover photography of Flat Art or 3D Artworks or Jewelry.

Be sure to register because each Open Lab session is limited to four workstations.

Find out more here.


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