Is your art collection invisible?

Sculpture by Len Poteshman
Len Poteshman Mixed Media

A family’s art collection is always among the most valued of possessions. However, it can be very challenging to document and care for a collection. Sometimes an accomplished artist passes away and his or her heirs accept the mantle of responsibility for preserving that legacy as it was in the case of Len Poteshman. And, sometimes a couple downsizes their home and must place a cherished collection into storage. Many changes in life necessitate finding a new home for a collection.

Often, collectors simply wish to have a museum-quality visual documentation of their collection so that they can share it with others. A coffee table book, a website, or a digital archive can be easily shared and transported. Also, professional photographs and documentation of the information related to the artwork help to support the provenance and insurability of the works.

It’s been very rewarding to be able to help families like the Poteshman’s who wish to document and share their personal art collection. Our primary work involves producing museum-quality photographs of art objects.

Additionally, we have been called upon to transport artworks and to properly package art objects that will be placed into storage. A collection placed into storage becomes invisible. We have provided an organized visual reference for families to use to share the objects, despite the storage situation. This has allowed them to approach museums and other collectors to find new homes for the works.

In the next couple of blog posts, I’ll discuss some aspects of caring for a family’s collection to ensure its long-term preservation, provenance and enjoyment. Please give me a call or email me to discuss how we can bring your collection to life.

Len Poteshman Mixed Media

Len Poteshman Mixed Media

Len Poteshman Mixed Media

Len Poteshman Mixed Media

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